Pay what you wish

Light Consciousness-1I am thrilled to announce and share with you my new concept: Pay what you wish. Pay what you wish incorporates a new way to give and receive, a new way of being. It is based on the premis that you pay what your heart and your intuition tell you the image or the class is worth to you. It is payment from a higher consiousness, without the negativity of what money can entail. I offer you my gift of teaching and art, and I receive a heart based gift back from you.

My class ‘Pay what you wish experiential Intuitive Photography’ is a 1hr session in which you will learn how to tap into your intuition, and how to incorporate it into your photography. The session includes an overview on intuition, a photo exercise, and discussion/Q&A. Open to all levels and all camera types. Suggested price is $20 but it is highly recommended that you allow your intuition to guide you to the payment you wish to make. Classes wil be held twice a month. To view our class schedule please click here.

Light Consciousness photos: Photography to me is about light and its mystifying, complex beauty. Light consciousness was a culmination of my spirit working with my camera to capture the dance and interaction of the elements of white light and steam. What you may see and feel in this body of work is ultimately your spirit connecting to light consciousness through me. Some may see spirits or angels. For others, geometry or ancient cosmic stories. Perhaps it is the colors that make your heart soar, or the intensity of abstract forms, lines and shapes. We are all unique, and each of us will experience the images in our own way. You may even notice different emotions in different days. Trust that the feeling is right for you at that moment. My intent and hope is that you will be as transformed as I was (and continue to be) as I gaze at the images. I, for one, give thanks and gratitude to nature and light for the magnificence that it is, and for allowing me to share it with you.

My images have a suggested price of $250 for an 8×10 print. Images can be signed if requested, and can be printed in various sizes. To view the images, please click here.

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