Video # 3 – Your Questions Answered and Testimonials

First off, WOW! So many of you are inquiring about B-School and if it would be something for you to pursue. I love that so many of you are curious and are all about self growth!

Marie launched video #3 this morning (here’s video #1 and video #2 if you missed the earlier emails) and in it she answers a lot of the questions many of you have regarding if this program is right for you or if you should do it at all. If you have any questions about possibly starting your photography business (or any business for that matter) as a side job, or more seriously as a hobby, please feel free to ask me!

This is the last video Marie will be launching – next up, enrollment!

A few important dates: 
Enrollment is Feb 20 – March 1
B-School runs March 5 – April 27 (it’s held only once a year)

Remember: If you purchase B-School via my link (which I will supply next week), I’ll give you a gift in return – you can choose to either enroll in my 4 week online Art of Intuitive Photography course for free, or you can receive a signed copy of my Art of Intuitive Photography book.

Marie is also announcing a B-School Scholarship Contest today! Some folks may not be able to enroll in B-School for financial reasons and every year they hold a scholarship contest so everyone has a chance to participate (how great is that?!?).

Here’s to continued learning, curiosity and self growth!



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What They Didn’t Teach Me In Grad School

If you’ve been following Art of Intuitive Photography over the years, you may have noticed how we’ve changed: our logo, marketing, web design, copy on our website and emails, just to name a few.

As I mentioned in my previous email, in 2014 I joined Marie Forleo’s B-School.The tools I learned in her 8 week program exceeded what I learned in my MBA. My MBA covered all the standard business modules, but not how to think about it from an online perspective. Marketing, in particular, keeps changing rapidly in the online world. Marie not only shares what’s current (once enrolled it’s free every year thereafter so I’m constantly being newly educated) but she also gave me a holistic approach on how to build a sustainable business.

Marie launched video #2 this morning and in it she shares some valuable information (much of which I implemented in AoIP):

  • A whole new way to think about marketing
  • 13 keys to online success
  • Her Trojan Horse concept that helps maximize sales

Because Marie speaks about giving in video #2, if you purchase B-School via my link (will supply in a future email), I’ll give you a gift in return – you can choose to either enroll in my 4 week online Art of Intuitive Photography course for free, or you can receive a signed copy of my Art of Intuitive Photography book.

Here’s to continued learning!

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Do You Daydream Of Having Your Own Business?

I usually don’t write posts like this, but what I’m about to share with you has changed my life (and business).

I’ll be adding a handful of business focused posts over the next few weeks (if you’re not thinking of starting a business or having a business side hustle, please ignore). But if you have a business (or you’re thinking/dreaming of starting one), read on…

My affiliation with B-School

You may be hearing a lot about B-School, Marie Forleo’s 8 week online program, around this time of year. B-School is one of the top online marketing courses available. I tend to stay away from affiliate programs but I have made an exception for B-School because it honestly helped my business grow and thrive.

A little background: In 2009 I decided to quit my corporate job (in the middle of the financial crisis!) to launch my photography business. I had no idea what kind of impact that decision would have but what I did know was that I had to do it. Looking back, I never would have realized what I was capable of, nor that I would find a sense of purpose, build an amazing international community and run a business that allows me to help others while supporting myself. Good thing I trusted my heart, right? If I hadn’t, chances are I’d never have met or taught you!

What do you daydream about?

Do you dream about becoming a full time photographer? A food or travel blogger? A yoga instructor or life coach? Maybe you realize you want more freedom and want to be in charge of your own schedule. Or, perhaps you love your work and you want to take it to the next level. If you’re ready, there’s a huge opportunity waiting for you (I’m so excited for you as I know how impactful this was to me).

B-School not only gave me knowledge to take my business to a new level, but Marie shared current tools that helped my online business grow.

I know that making a career change isn’t easy. The easiest and simplest thing is to do nothing. You may question whether you even have the guts to do it. Welcome to the club!

While I have a successful 6 figure business today, I didn’t always. I worked for over 10 years in a bank doing IT, I did an MBA which allowed me to do my first career change, but I was still working in corporate environments. I reached a point when I realized I was living my life how everyone expected me to live it, not how I wanted to live it.

I then became the CEO of my life. I never, ever, thought I’d become a photographer, teacher, author or business owner.

In 2014 I signed up for B-School as I felt my business wasn’t moving forward. I felt stuck. My MBA only took me so far (in 2004 only a fraction of businesses were online businesses compared to today). To be honest, I didn’t have the funds to pay for it, but one thing I had learned is that if you don’t invest, you don’t grow. I took the risk and O.M.G. – life changing! Not only did my business grow but I was now earning enough to have a social life (and travel!).

What I love about this program is once you’re enrolled, you’re a lifer – you can take the course year after year for free. And, Marie adds new content that’s relevant to current trends. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll learn in this year’s program.

This training only happens once a year.

If this sounds intriguing, Marie launched a video this morning which includes:

  • A 6 step roadmap to launching and growing your business
  • Why big hearted people like us are wired to make it in this digital era
  • Why it’s critical to get the online aspect of your business nailed right now

Sound interesting? Click here to view the video.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about the content in the video. Feel free to send me an email if you want to chat or if you have any questions.

In gratitude,

Disclaimer: this email may contain affiliate links that compensate AoIP should you make a purchase.

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We don’t like to brag BUT….

We don’t like to brag BUT…we made it into Time Out New York this week!

Thanks goes to our students who write raving reviews and refer us to friends and family. Our success is due to you!


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Online Course 50% off Coupon!


Save 50% off our Art of Intuitive Photography 4 week self-paced online course ENDS TOMORROW (you will have lifetime access!).

Click the link for info and how to get the coupon:

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AoIP Monthly Charity Donations!

As many of you know, we at AoIP believe in fostering a community of likeminded souls interested in sharing ones love for photography but also making this world a better place by living an authentic life and sharing that with others.

On September 4th Art of Intuitive Photography will be 7 years old and we are exited to add a new component: every month AoIP will be giving 10% of our gross income from our website sales to a charity/fundraiser that means something to our AoIP community.

All four of us teachers will choose a charity we feel strongly about, and we ask that you, too, let us know which charity affects your heart so we can donate to it for one month. They can include local charities, or ones in any part of the world. Please email us at with your request and why that charity means something to you. We will include your story in our monthly blog post about why you chose that charity.

In addition to highlighting a charity per month, we will also be organizing an AoIP Team to participate in some NYC walks, for ex. AIDS, MS, Breast Cancer, etc.

You will also see a green donate button on our site. In addition to the amount AoIP will be donating, you can also help by sharing the button with your friends/family so they can participate and add additional funds.

Our first charity has been chosen by me, and it  is Charity:Water.  Click here to start donating to it today. We will announce the upcoming months charity as requests come in from you.

In gratitude,


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International Women’s Day – Donating 50% of Proceeds To Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

In honor of International Women’s Day, I will be donating 50% on any class purchased through Friday, March 10th, to the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund.

The mission of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is to support women through economic, social and political programs; creating opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening families and communities.

To view our classes and calendar, please visit 

In gratitude

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