Art of Intuitive Photography

Teaching LICThe Art of Intuitive Photography is a digital photography workshop focused on tapping into your intuition, learning how to see differently, and compositional improvement. It is open to all levels and all digital cameras. Get ready for a fun and exciting way to improve your photography!

Our Art of Intuitive Photography sessions are held in exciting locations, and are offered as a 2.5 hour session, a day trip, or a 2, 3 and 5 day workshop. We also offer a beginner digital photography class for those who would like to understand their camera better.

Our group classes are open to all photography levels and all digital cameras (including point and shoot). The focus of the class is on enhancing your intuition in photography and compositional improvement. This is not a technical class, however we do go over basics to those who request/need it.

We will conduct exercises to tune you into your intuition, and learn how to take photos by following it. In addition, we will focus on the differences between looking, observing and seeing. Throughout the class we will give feedback on how to better the composition of your photos. You will notice that by the end of the class you will not only be looking at the world differently, but you will have better photographs to prove it!

For more information, please visit us here.

We hope to see you soon!

Teaching Winterthur

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