Some Good Reading Material For The Weekend

The responses that keep coming in from the videos are amazing. I warned you that the info I learned was life changing for my business and personal life! And what you’ve watched is just a fraction of the content Marie covers in B-School.

One question I hear repeatedly is that you are trying to figure out which business to start, you have too many ideas and can’t choose or you’re unsure if your idea will work. B-Schoolincludes Start the Right Business training which is a step-by-step road map to help you find clarity and assists you in making wise and thoughtful decisions. So if you don’t have a business yet, that’s ok!

The free videos are available only through March 1st so if you haven’t watched them yet, you may want to do so.

Good weekend reading:

Marie launched a Program Details page that walks you through the experience of B-School including the curriculum and support they offer.

You’ll find a B-School reviews page where you can search reviews by industry, goals, experience level and location. Try it out!

And there’s a FAQ page which quickly answers the top questions about B-School. This includes program information, timing, who it’s for and not for, tuition and their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Happy reading!

In gratitude,

Disclaimer: this email may contain affiliate links that compensate AoIP should you make a purchase.

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