Video # 3 – Your Questions Answered and Testimonials

First off, WOW! So many of you are inquiring about B-School and if it would be something for you to pursue. I love that so many of you are curious and are all about self growth!

Marie launched video #3 this morning (here’s video #1 and video #2 if you missed the earlier emails) and in it she answers a lot of the questions many of you have regarding if this program is right for you or if you should do it at all. If you have any questions about possibly starting your photography business (or any business for that matter) as a side job, or more seriously as a hobby, please feel free to ask me!

This is the last video Marie will be launching – next up, enrollment!

A few important dates: 
Enrollment is Feb 20 – March 1
B-School runs March 5 – April 27 (it’s held only once a year)

Remember: If you purchase B-School via my link (which I will supply next week), I’ll give you a gift in return – you can choose to either enroll in my 4 week online Art of Intuitive Photography course for free, or you can receive a signed copy of my Art of Intuitive Photography book.

Marie is also announcing a B-School Scholarship Contest today! Some folks may not be able to enroll in B-School for financial reasons and every year they hold a scholarship contest so everyone has a chance to participate (how great is that?!?).

Here’s to continued learning, curiosity and self growth!



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