What They Didn’t Teach Me In Grad School

If you’ve been following Art of Intuitive Photography over the years, you may have noticed how we’ve changed: our logo, marketing, web design, copy on our website and emails, just to name a few.

As I mentioned in my previous email, in 2014 I joined Marie Forleo’s B-School.The tools I learned in her 8 week program exceeded what I learned in my MBA. My MBA covered all the standard business modules, but not how to think about it from an online perspective. Marketing, in particular, keeps changing rapidly in the online world. Marie not only shares what’s current (once enrolled it’s free every year thereafter so I’m constantly being newly educated) but she also gave me a holistic approach on how to build a sustainable business.

Marie launched video #2 this morning and in it she shares some valuable information (much of which I implemented in AoIP):

  • A whole new way to think about marketing
  • 13 keys to online success
  • Her Trojan Horse concept that helps maximize sales

Because Marie speaks about giving in video #2, if you purchase B-School via my link (will supply in a future email), I’ll give you a gift in return – you can choose to either enroll in my 4 week online Art of Intuitive Photography course for free, or you can receive a signed copy of my Art of Intuitive Photography book.

Here’s to continued learning!

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