AoIP Monthly Charity Donations!

As many of you know, we at AoIP believe in fostering a community of likeminded souls interested in sharing ones love for photography but also making this world a better place by living an authentic life and sharing that with others.

On September 4th Art of Intuitive Photography will be 7 years old and we are exited to add a new component: every month AoIP will be giving 10% of our gross income from our website sales to a charity/fundraiser that means something to our AoIP community.

All four of us teachers will choose a charity we feel strongly about, and we ask that you, too, let us know which charity affects your heart so we can donate to it for one month. They can include local charities, or ones in any part of the world. Please email us at with your request and why that charity means something to you. We will include your story in our monthly blog post about why you chose that charity.

In addition to highlighting a charity per month, we will also be organizing an AoIP Team to participate in some NYC walks, for ex. AIDS, MS, Breast Cancer, etc.

You will also see a green donate button on our site. In addition to the amount AoIP will be donating, you can also help by sharing the button with your friends/family so they can participate and add additional funds.

Our first charity has been chosen by me, and it  is Charity:Water.  Click here to start donating to it today. We will announce the upcoming months charity as requests come in from you.

In gratitude,


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