2015 – A ‘Shiny’ Year

On the cusp of 2016, I look back at the year with a sense of utter gratitude. On the eve of 2015 I challenged myself to pick a word to describe what I wanted the new year to bring in for me. My word? Shine. And shine I did!

Some of the highlights that made this year a truly wonderful one:

I started being more mindful of what I was eating in 2014, and in 2015 I decided to seek a holistic doctor to see how my body was reacting to it. I found an amazing doc, and we found I had adrenal fatigue amongst a few other things. After a few inconclusive tests, I was guided to a wonderful woman who does biofeedback. She found that I had multiple types of parasites as well as Lyme disease. That explained why I felt a little off. After taking parasite meds for 4 months, and colonics every 2 weeks, I feel like a new woman – I feel like me again – energetic, happy, and strong! Definitely more shiny!

In the spring I decided to cut my hair. I had thought about it for years, but now when I imagined it I felt excited so I knew the timing was right. I found a stylist who could work with my curly hair to give me the exact cut I wanted.

Two months later I took a giant leap. I decided to stop coloring my hair. I started turning grey at 30, and since then have been coloring it every 4 or so weeks. I teach about being vulnerable to allow you to capture true moments, and I want to walk the talk. Honestly, that first week was tough – I felt everyone was staring at my hair. Now? I feel liberated, stronger, more powerful. Score for feeling shiny!

As I was taking care of body and making outward changes, in the fall I decided to take a step further and started seeing a personal trainer 2x a week. It was tough in the beginning to see how weak I really was, but after gaining more muscle and losing fat, I feel physically more empowered.

On the artistic side I fulfilled one of my dreams – my project Photographers Squared was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Traveling to 5 locations within 5 months to photograph and challenge myself was the creative kick I needed to get back into photographing (for the past few years I’ve been more focused on running my business Art of Intuitive Photography). The first time I saw our project come together in our coffee table book I literally teared up. A shining moment!

I also felt so grateful to have a house in Governors Island this summer to showcase my students and teachers work. It forced me to take the business one step further – I completely revamped our website and my sister and I came up and designed our new logo (building blocks showcasing how we teach – learning one thing at a time in a colorful fun way).  For 9 weeks we had our doors open and met so many wonderful people. We also allowed adults and children to express themselves any which way they  wanted after viewing the images. Here are some of their comments.

I also started actively writing my Art of Intuitive Photography book again (I started it 3 years ago) and found a publisher to publish it. Another shining moment!

My word for 2016? Joy! I have decided to focus on the playful side of myself for the coming year. And to stay open to receive, be vulnerable, let go and of course continue to shine.

Wishing you a shiny and joy-filled year!

In gratitude,



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