Intuitive Photography Winter Photo Tips

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Pine Pond Fractal 3


Happy New Year!

I just published my e-Newsletter (if you would like to receive it please visit I included some tips on how to photograph in the winter which you’ll find below. If you take any photos you’re proud of and would like to share, please do so on our Art of Intuitive Photography Facebook page.

Snow storms, or storms of any form for that matter, make for great photographs. Most people would rather be indoors in the comfort of their home. I don’t blame them. But when out, you become part of the elements, and you start connecting with it. 

Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Be open to the experience. If you have an open mind, you will trust where to go and what to shoot. If you are complaining the whole time, your photos will reflect that.
  • Predict an outcome. Many times when shooting (either in a storm or  during any other time) take a moment and really view your surroundings. Perhaps you will see a snow drift that is about to fall (just like you may see an interesting person approaching when doing Street Photography). The point is, view, predict, and station yourself in a location that will best suit a photo when the moment arises.
  • If you shoot at night, the key is to find sources of light to help illuminate the drama of the storm. Find car headlights or street lamps to give more contrast to the elements.
  • I cannot repeat this often enough so here I go again: move, move, move! Get low on the ground, get in the middle of the street. Good photos come about when you allow yourself to shoot from different perspectives and angles.
  • Make sure you are dressed properly and your gear is protected. It is difficult to brave the elements, but it makes it so much harder if your fingers are frozen or you are drenched with a chill to the bone. Take care of yourself so you can really enjoy the moment (and yes, that is possible!). Use a water proof bag or case to protect your camera. You can also wrap your camera in a plastic bag and secure it with rubber bands. Also bring an extra charged battery as the cold tends to drain it faster.
  • Have fun! Really, you can. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to go out in a storm and your mother told you not to? Now’s your chance! Go out and let your inner child come out.
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