Photographers Squared – The Great American Shoot Out

I’m thrilled to announce a collaboration project showcasing how we all have a unique approach and photographic eye when capturing the same subject:

Photographers Squared – The Great American Shoot Out  

I and RA Friedman will work with minimal camera equipment – 1 camera, 1 lens, no tripods, no flash and will photograph intensely over 5 days in five random locales. On these jaunts we will also be doing short slide shows of our work and Q&A presentations in high schools and local community groups.

We aim to bring our unique photographic techniques, methodologies and working philosophy directly to young photographers and creative enthusiasts, inspiring them to follow their own vision.

We are asking for funding to allow for this project to happen. With your kind generosity we will not only capture images and display them in a coffee table book, we aim to make a difference in the world, however small, to show that if you are authentic and true to yourself, you can make your dreams come true.

For more detailed information please visit our:

Funding site
Our website
Our Facebook Page

We look forward to having you join our journey!

Wave Hill MV

Mindy Veissid


RA Friedman

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