Videos to help you feel inspired and excited during a creative dry spell

photoWe all go through dry spells as a creative, right? You know the feeling – you try everything possible to kickstart the passion, to feel the fire. You start believing you lost your mojo, the creative spark has died.

This has happened many many many times in my creative career. And what did I do? After much frustration I’ve learned to surrender and trust it. I’ve come to realize and accept that it may not be the right time for it and my attention needs to be focused elsewhere.

Then one day you wake up with a thought, an idea, a vision or you’re in the middle of a conversation and voila! your creative juices start stirring again.

Below are some videos that have inspired me to get my photography passion reignited. They may help you kickstart your next creative journey as well.

What’s your favorite video? Why? How did it inspire you? Please share below.

Do you have any videos related to photography you’d like to share? Let us know!

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