Back into the swing of things – with film!

photo (4)I’m off to Europe this evening, to immerse myself in the beauty of Ireland and the UK. I’ve been feeling for years now that I want to photograph the landscape of Ireland with its dreamy/foggy/rainy atmosphere. It seems like my wish will be granted – rain and cloudy conditions predicted! I know, I is April, and it is Ireland. I believe a castle or two may also await for me in Edinburgh, where I will be teaching my Art of Intuitive Photography class.

I will be bringing not only my digital camera, but my film camera as well. As many of my students know, I’m all about capturing a story or atmosphere. My creative heart pounds when I think of my fine art photography being documented in film. So, numerous rolls have been placed in my camera bag.

One of the things I love about shooting with film is the intention I give each image. It forces me to slow down, pay attention, connect and then capture. I learned much from photographing in film which I incorporate into my approach with my digital camera.

Off I go, following my intuitive voice and my heart to guide me to the images that want to be created.

I look forward sharing them with you upon my return!

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2 Responses to Back into the swing of things – with film!

  1. Hollis Rafkin-Sax says:

    Have a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to see your work and would love to get together. Enjoy and happy travels!



    Hollis Rafkin-Sax

    917 509-0255

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