Getting unstuck – let’s get going!

how to deal..….with getting unstuck. It seems like many of us have felt stuck lately in our creativity (me included!). I’ve been focusing so much on my business the past year or so, that my creativity has gone on the back burner. However, I’m ready to let those juices flow again – I’m off to Ireland and Scotland next week to do photography (film and digital), spend time with dear friends, have some big belly laughs, and to have some FUN. Yes, that’s right, I goin’ to get me a big dose of fun.

To liven things up on the business side, I have decided to push forward with my Art of Intuitive Photography teaching by taking an 8 week online course to take it to a new level. I’m only in week 3 and have already learned so much valuable information (a big YAY for me!).

In addition, I have decided to do another annual gallery show of my students work in a NYC Soho gallery (see link here). Like last year, many of my students are resisting submitting images. Common phrases I hear from them are ‘I’m not sure I’m good enough’ or ‘I’m not getting anything creative’ or ‘I’m only a beginner, how can I expect to be included when everyone has more experience than I do?’. Let me tell you – we have all been there and have all gone through that doubt.

For those of you who have attended my Art of Intuitive Photography class, you know how I talk about the conditioned negative voice that pipes in when you think you may want to take a photo but aren’t sure. DON’T GET STUCK LISTENING TO THAT VOICE (that is a compassionate heart based yell). Many of the students who participated last year were new and they took some amazing shots (see here).

In the online course I’m taking, I was introduced to this 2 minute Ira Glass video that sums up a lot of what us creatives go through. Dear students, please don’t let that voice stop you from submitting to our gallery show – YOU CAN DO IT!

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