Look up, dear friends

Full rainbow around the sun.

Full rainbow around the sun.

As a photographer and teacher, I’m often telling my students to look all around, to be witness to what’s occurring, to connect to what you’re seeing. You will hear me tell my students – look up, look down, look behind you – images are everywhere.

This morning I took a stroll in Central Park to clear my head. I had just published my March e-newsletter (you can read here), I’m working on a Art of Intuitive Photography gallery show of my students work to be held in May (you can read the details here), finishing my taxes, getting ready for an 8 week online business school course (see details here), and clearing up as much work as I can before I head up to Boston for the pending birth of my niece. As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff floating around in my head.

Central Park has lately been my meditation go to place, but this morning was more of a lets walk briskly so I don’t freeze in 10 F weather pace. As I’m wandering along the paths, I listened to my own advice and looked up in the sky. I think I stopped in my tracks and may have blurted something out loud, as there, around the sun, was a perfectly round rainbow. I kid you not! Out came my iPhone so I could document this awe inspiring moment, but of course I couldn’t see anything on the screen as it was too bright outside. Shooting intuitively I trusted that I could only do my best under the circumstances.

On my way back home I was constantly gazing at the heavens. Waves of gratitude and appreciation flowed through me. With my back to the sun, I notice my mother coming up the same path I’m descending. I shout out to her ‘look up at the sky, look at the rainbow around the sun!’ She looks up and exclaims in disbelief. She sees it too! I’m not insane! We gaze at it for a while together, mother and daughter, amongst the trees in NYC. She made a statement that I think many people would have made ‘If you wouldn’t have told me, I would have never seen this’.

Look up, dear friends. Look up.

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