Here we go, 2014

Pine Pond fractal facebook 2-3Happy 2014! If you’re reading this in the US, you are probably hiding indoors keeping warm in this polar vortex that has affected much of the country. I know I am! One of the little gifts I received in the beginning of the year was a cold. Yay, lucky me! (Yes, that was said with hopefully convincing sarcasm). With the snow storm that enveloped the city over the weekend and now this frigid weather, it feels like I’ve been confined forever. I feel like I need to mooove!

Instead of being frustrated with the situation, I’m trying to make the most of it by getting rest, reading, being still and finding creative outlets to make me happy.

In lieu of that, I found a perfect video that not only keeps me moving, but makes me happy.


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1 Response to Here we go, 2014

  1. Jacqueline Veissid says:

    fun and catchy! just watched it. all shot in LA. awww….reminds me of “home”…

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