Her dream, my dream – your dream? Feeling stuck and unconnected in a connected world

photo-26Last night I volunteered to photograph an event at the UN. It was for the International Organization for Migration (http://www.iom.int) and they were having an event as December 18th is International Migrants Day. Having worked for non profits before, and having a dear friend who worked at the IOM in NYC, I found it hard to say no. As I write this, I am still in gratitude for the honor and privilege it was to be part of the event and to be surrounded by so many beautiful souls.

It was an intimate setting, one where everyone mingled with one another, one where everyone had a deep sense of purpose and intention to help others. The keynote speaker was a woman from Zimbabwe who told us her story of how at the age of 18 she was married with 4 little children. One died as she didn’t have enough milk to feed the infant. She went on to tell us how an American woman approached her one day, and asked her what her dream was. Never had she been asked this question before. She replied she had 4 dreams – 1) to go to America, 2) to go to university, 3) to get her masters, 4) to get a PhD. All four of her dreams came true. Not only that, her story made it to Oprah, and Oprah donated 1.5 million dollars so she could launch 4 schools back in her hometown. She made her dream come true with her trust in herself, her passion and her desire to improve the lives of others.

It made me think harder about my dreams. I’m living my dream everyday by helping people find joy in their photography, and by opening up their eyes to an intuitive way of living and being. However, I feel stuck – I want to do more, help more, be more. On the phone this morning with my boyfriend, I spoke about last night’s event and how I still felt energized by it. He is an entrepreneur as well, and we both know the struggles of finding our own balance and giving to others. As I was talking, something came out of my mouth that surprised me, but something that I somehow knew for a while. I told him ‘it’s so hard to make a difference all alone’. I’ve been feeling disconnected, and frustrated by not being able to give more/do more and doing it all alone. Leaving the UN last night, I felt connected again. It actually made me realize that I wouldn’t mind working for an organization again that had purpose and meaning, who’s intention it is to make the world a better place,  where people come together to make a difference.

My dream is to take more positive steps in collaborating together with others to help others. One logical way is by moving forward with my Pay What You Wish concept in starting a foundation, and getting people from different industries and professions/talents together. But there may be something else that is awaiting me. What I’ve come to recognize is that life can be magical if you open yourself up to it, and believe that your dreams can happen. Anything is possible.

What is your dream? Do you feel you have a deeper purpose and want to make a difference in the world?  I’d love to hear about your desires and dreams. Please comment below, or email me personally. Let’s grab each others hands, connect to each other in a deeper way, and begin a magical new journey together.

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2 Responses to Her dream, my dream – your dream? Feeling stuck and unconnected in a connected world

  1. Mat says:

    This is exactely how I feel. Completely disconnected. Something meaningful, if it just would be a matter of choice….

  2. Mat – I do believe we have a choice. So many of us are asking these bigger questions and want to feel more connected. I think time will tell on how we can make it so.

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