Full moon surprise? Surprise!

photo-53It’s a full moon today – the last one of this year and what a doozy it is (am I the only one feeling the affects of it?)! In addition, it’s been snowing all day – very lovely to look at through my windows, but not very nice to walk in on the streets of NYC.

I have enough to do at home to keep me busy, but I also felt it wasn’t supposed to be a day of ‘busy’. Oh, boy – that usually means getting deeper down inside myself and feeling things through. Thanks, moon! Needless to say, I had to go out and clear my head as many emotions were arising.

I decided the best place to go would be Central Park, as I needed some grounding. Off I went, and found myself at the Great Lawn. It was a lovely, slippery, cold, wet stroll, one where I nearly fell and injured myself (I’m ok!). Yep, that usually puts one in a better mood, right? I went around the Great Lawn twice, and then ‘thought’ it was enough and time for me to return home. My intuition had other plans as I clearly felt it was not time to return. When I asked myself should I stroll around again, my body resounded with a yell of a YES. Ok, ok, I hear you.

I ventured along another path to spice up the journey. As I’m walking, slipping, and trying to be mindful, I catch something out of the corner of my eye. It’s a hawk flying low to a tree right by me. Well, hello dear! (For those of you who follow my posts, you know that I have a close connection with birds of prey. For those who are new, you can read about it in previous posts). Well now, my day has significantly gotten better.

I walk up to the tree, with the snow crunching loudly with every step I take. The hawk doesn’t seem to mind or care. I take my camera out and start moving around, as I see Cleopatra’s Needle right behind her (I also have a close connection with Egyptian artifacts, so the two together just put the icing on the cake).

I capture the shot, and am in gratitude – until she flies away – with a surprise for me: a dead mouse (or rat) in her left talon (there are some things I am not too curious to pursue further).

Thank you, full moon and intuition, for the beautiful journey bringing me to the hawk,  and the lovely surprise thereafter.

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