Happy anniversary, Pay What You Wish!

photo-52This month I’m celebrating the 1 year anniversary of teaching my Art of Intuitive Photography Pay What You Wish class. I honestly had no idea how this concept would work out, but it opened my eyes to see that humanity indeed still exists.

What is the concept? I love teaching, and I do so from my heart. I authentically try to help others learn how to use intuition in their photography and in their lives. I teach this 1 hr class once a month, and it goes over intuition and how to use it in photography. The students are informed that the suggested price of the class is $20, but I stress for them to follow their intuition to guide them to what they feel they would like to pay. That is, how can I tell someone what the session is worth to them?  If a student is unemployed or has little money, five dollars may be a lot for them and that may be all they can afford. If a student is a millionaire, and wants to give a case of their own wine, I would gladly accept that as well. You see, I’ve learned that teaching and giving has no set price.

When I announced that I would start this, I had some concerns come my way – namely, that people would take advantage of this point of view. I stated that would be fine – I knew that if not consciously, at least subconsciously they would feel bad for taking advantage of the situation. I’m proud to say not one person paid me less than $20, and about 60% have paid more.

All the money that I have collected is in a big glass bowl in my living room. It reminds me daily of how generous people can be, and to keep going. The money also will not be used for my own expenses. My dream is to start a foundation based on this paradigm, and so the money will go towards that, and/or to charities.

For all the students who have attended the class, a big thank you. You are helping to make a difference in the world.

Here’s to another year!

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