11:11 on 11/11This morning I woke up with a beautiful mantra in my head: Release. Live Love. It kept repeating over and over again without any effort on my part. I sat with it. I smiled. Release. Live Love.

Release to me is clear. I’ve been working hard to release past conditioning, egoic thoughts, patterns, blocks, and ways of being that no longer suit me and my higher purpose. Intuitively though, I knew this mantra referred to releasing the incessant thoughts in my mind.

I recently went to an astrologer who read me my sign. I’m a double Gemini with an active thinking mind, and am prone to worry. Yep, that sounds about right. My mind is constantly on the gas pedal: go, Go, GO! He highly recommended me to meditate more. To be. To find the stillness within. Release the thoughts, release the worry, release and surrender to what is. Release is a big word with this Mindy project.

Live Love. Yes. Approach every event, every thought from the place of my heart. It reminds me to slow down, find compassion, be patient, listen, be open and don’t judge. To give with my heart with no expectations and no returns. The thought itself, to say those words, already makes me feel lighter.

I awoke this morning to a beautiful mantra. Thank you, angels/guides who filled my heart and cleared my head. Release. Live Love.

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