Unusual = usual?

Feather of peaceI walked down a street this morning to find 2 white pigeons walking side by side in front of me. They seemed like an old familiar couple. I was quite enamored of them, as it’s not very common to see a white pigeon, let alone a pair, on the streets of NYC. I walked behind them, first slowly to experience the moment, then a little quicker to capture them in a photo. They did not mind me, and kept their regular pace. I decided to walk in front of them, and as I did so, I did not notice a building superintendent standing there, witnessing this play. When I took  my camera out he caught me off guard by saying ‘Oh, I thought they belonged to you’. I chuckled and said no, I just found it quite amazing to see such a sight. At that moment a dog walker came up from behind me with 2 dogs, and stopped as he didn’t want to ruin the photo. The pigeons, oblivious to all this human commotion, decided to walk under a van and hide from view. No photo was taken. We all smiled at each other and went our separate ways.

As I departed, the superintendents comment really struck me. Why would he think they belonged to me? Isn’t that quite an unusual statement to make – or could it be a normal thing to walk pet birds in NYC? It got me thinking: did the pigeons and I seem to share a connection that we belonged together? As you may have read in another post of mine, I’ve been intrigued by snowy owls (which are white as well). Over the past 2 weeks they have appeared to me in different forms, and I was told the snowy owl is one of my guides. How lovely! I feel I could use some extra guidance these past few weeks. Or shall I say months.

Many of you may be aware of all the energy shifts going on this year, and it’s been a hard struggle to keep ‘sane’. Flowing emotions, confusing feelings, frustrations of feeling lost and not fitting in have infiltrated my life. Luckily I’ve been doing enough self work to know that it’s all for good, it’s a metamorphosis, a growing into something better. However, there is a deeper yearning to want to do more – for myself, and for the world. And now as Mercury is in Retrograde, its a struggle on a different level. Honestly, I’m getting tired of it all, but I know it must be, otherwise I wouldn’t be experiencing it. On the other hand, I have been extremely fortunate and am in gratitude that my work is going well, and my Art of Intuitive Photography classes were picked up by the BBC and TV News Channel 4. All in all, I really cannot complain.

So, what did I learn from this morning’s experience? Don’t question the why’s or the how’s – what may seem unusual to someone is usual for someone else. Accept the moment for what it is, and be in gratitude for it.

I walked down the street this morning, and magic happened.

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