Tides of seasons and energy

Full bloom-1As I sit here with the rain tapping on my window, I’ve come to  realize that it’s been a while since my last post. I suppose I’ve been in a hibernation of sorts – working on my art, my business and myself.

I have been acutely aware of mood changes the past few months – almost everyone I know has been going through a hard time – or is involved with someone who has become full of drama. As the tides of seasons and energy shifts (as well as intense full moons/eclipses/new moons) we are feeling like we are on a roller coster of energy and emotions. From what I have read, things will slowly start calming down and life will become balanced again. Know that you aren’t alone in what you feel, so let’s all take a deep breath and release any anxiety, fear and worry that arises within us. Recognize that releasing all the old energy within us is painful, but cleansing. I, for one, look forward to getting to know the improved me when it’s done!

I’ve been taking long walks in the park to help ground myself during this transition. We have had an actual spring this year here in NYC, and Central Park was bursting with vibrant colors and fragrances. It’s been a photographers dream!

I’m now gearing myself for my 10 day trip to Switzerland to teach my 1 day workshop and to do a handful of family shoots. I’m also conducting a juried group show of my students work, which will be shown in a gallery in Soho, NYC in June. In addition I’ll also be teaching summer photo camp to children this summer. So as we struggle with these tides, we still have one foot on the ground, forging ahead with what matters.

For more information about my workshop, the gallery show and summer camp, please read my May newsletter.

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1 Response to Tides of seasons and energy

  1. Natalia says:

    Hello Mindy
    I live in Switzerland and only now discovered the viewfinder and your classes. Unfortunately I missed the last one… Do you plan to hold any more sessions in CH in near future? If yes you have already two participants me and my husband …
    Your pictures are simply beautiful. I’m also interested in you as person – Leaving corporate live behind and following your heart. I admire your currage.
    Best regards. Sorry for leaving such comment but I coulnd not find a contact email.
    Thank you.

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