Beauty during and after the storm

Central Park 2013 Blizzard at night-1I went into Central Park last night, wanting to capture the magical atmosphere of the snow falling down upon us. The park was quiet, except for the howling wind that blew the branches to and fro. I had the park virtually to myself, and felt like a little girl in a fairy tale.

I woke up early this morning still in a fairy tale state, and couldn’t wait to look out my window. The city was covered in white!  We didn’t get as much snow as was expected – only 8 inches – but it was enough to transform this usual grimy Gotham City into a freshly painted clean and crisp one.

I went out soon after to start photographing. My intent and intuition told me to get out before the light got too harsh and while there was still the serenity of peace. Only dog walkers were out at that time. I’m not sure who was having more fun – the owners who watched their dogs, or the dogs who made snowballs with their snouts (and ate them right up), those playing chase while they had the chance to run around off leash, or those who simply rolled around in the soft white powder.

NYC Blizzard 2013-2I had the intent to spend a few good hours out, capturing the start of the day. However, close to 10am I had a strong intuitive hit to go back home. I rejected it at first, wanting to continue my joy of being outside, but it was quite persistent. I know well enough by now that when I get those feelings, I must listen.

I head back home, take off all my gear. I take my camera so I can upload my images and head into my bedroom which also serves as my office. My bedroom/office window is a huge window facing south. I oftentimes take images from there when there is an interesting cloud pattern, storm, or sunset.

I enter into the bedroom and freeze right in my tracks. I remember clearly proclaiming ‘Oh.My.God’. There, sitting in all it’s glory, on my fire escape was a red tailed hawk. For those of you who have not been following my blog, I have a connection with birds of prey. I have written about my encounter with a hawk (you can read here) and my dreams of snow owls.

NYC Blizzard 2013-14Now mind you, I had my camera in my hand, ready to go. Thank you intuition! I took 2-3 photos, but just had to get closer, risking that she would fly away at seeing me approach. I was very stealthy. Whenever she turned her head away, I’d take a few steps closer. Well, the angels, the universe, or whatever you want to call it or believe in was on my side, because she allowed me to come up right to the window. She stayed there for a good 20 mins, looking around, grooming herself and looking at me. I did put my camera down a few times to soak in all her glory and to communicate with her. As hard as I tried to speak with her telepathically, I received nothing in response. That’s ok though, as she spoke volumes in not flying away in fear of me.

I am so thankful that I followed and trusted my intuition. Not only did it lead me to where I needed to be, but it connected me to something much greater. I have a heart full of  gratitude.

To view my Nemo blizzard photos, please visit

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6 Responses to Beauty during and after the storm

  1. Anne B. Lawver (Annie) says:

    A wondrous moment!!!! Congratulations! A beautiful, remarkable moment and photograph.

  2. Ana Kay says:

    This is a wonderful story!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story!

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