A productive leap

Pine Pond fractal facebook-3The past week has flown by. Unlike the beginning of this month where my motivation was low, the past week has all been about doing.

I finally finished and launched my newly designed website for my classes. It took me forever to find a vendor that I liked with a design layout that reflected the spirit of my classes. I have to say, I’m very happy! Here’s a link in case you feel inclined to check it out: www.artofintuitivephotography.com.

I also published my monthly newsletter this morning, so as you can see, I’ve been in front of the computer a lot.

I was fortunate though, to escape to the countryside this past weekend. I was supposed to teach my weekend workshop, but as I didn’t have enough students sign up, I leapt at the opportunity to escape the city. Whenever I go the country house I make it a tradition to get up at sunrise and capture the beautiful lake as the light starts to illuminate the sky. It was a cold morning, and I was the only human out and about. It was magical.

In my intuitive way, I started to feel where by the lake I needed to go, and paid attention to what my eyes and heart were drawn to. The light was so soft, and the ice was a beautiful shade of blue. I saw a fractal in the water that was in the shape of a tree. I was fascinated by it. The child in me came out, and I started to explore that with curiousity. They were all over. What a gift!

I managed to snap away before my fingers froze, and have posted a few images on my website.

If you have taken any images this season that you are happy with, please share! I’d love to see them.

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