I found a feather today

Feather of peaceI found this feather in the park today. It’s not an ordinary feather. It spoke to me, called to me when I passed it. I knew I had to take it home with me.  You see, the word in my calendar for this week is ‘peace’ and I’ve been trying very hard to make friends with it.

Over the past few days, I seem to have gotten into a funk. Actually, that’s not true. It’s an all out battle of my thoughts vs everything and everyone. It’s led to crying fits, yelling, and extreme frustration and anger. Now mind you, I’m generally a very peaceful and happy woman.

I contacted a highly recommended tarot card reader last week as I was at my wits end. I’ve had her information for over a year now, but never felt compelled to call her. On the few occasions when I was curious about speaking with her, she was fully booked. On Friday I woke up knowing I had to try something. Her name popped into my mind. I went to her website to look if she had something free – and voila! She was available that very afternoon.

She told me many things that were incredibly accurate such as I am an Indigo adult and an older soul (which I already knew). She told me it’s no coincidence that I am a teacher and co-creator, and that I chose to incarnate during these times of change. However, that also means that there is a lot to release and let go of (energetically speaking). She saw all the self work that I have done over the years, and was thrilled to see how far I’ve come. And all these emotions, this battle that’s brewing in me? It’s apparently part of the healing stage I now need to go through. Time to be still and let those old emotions and energies depart to allow all the new to enter in.

This morning was another hard morning of feeling uncomfortable, angry, and sad for no apparent reason. I was actually feeling quite caged – no energy to leave the house, yet all this energy brewing inside of me. This afternoon it finally felt ok to go out. It was logical for me to head to the park as that is my sanctuary, where I get grounded and connect to beauty. Upon my return back home, when I was thinking of  my calendar and the word ‘peace’, I saw the white feather. My white feather. I found it. I found peace.

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6 Responses to I found a feather today

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Beautiful post – beautiful feather…wishing you ease in your process and healing…

  2. Sepia Prince says:

    Just the message I needed. Thanks, Mindy!

  3. Jann says:

    Lovely to see that Jacqueline wrote to you. Thank you for your candor and for the bird that knew that her feather had a special purpose. There is an abundance of joy in our lives, but a scraped knee has a steadying influence as well. un abrazo, Jann

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