Ego vs Heart – which will win?

photo-10“What the inner voice says will not disappoint the hoping soul.” — Johann Friedrich von Schiller

The past few days have been challenging ones as my ego has registered that I’m serious in having chosen to live from my heart. Like everyone, I have some valid concerns regarding core elements in my life, and my ego is trying to attach to them to suck me back down the rabbit hole. I will not go easily!

As I pay attention to the feelings, thoughts and emotions that come over me, they are mostly very critical about me not doing enough, thoughts about what I should/could be doing instead, or feelings of poor, poor me… If you read my post titled “I’m addicted – to doing” you will notice that I (and I believe we all) have a problem with just being.

Before getting too caught up in my head, I decided to treat myself and go to an exhibit I’ve been meaning to go to for months. Afterwards I had a lovely lunch and returned home to take a nap. It all sounds great, right? But during the whole time my ego was throwing me curve balls, reminding me of my concerns and issues.

I now look out my window and as I view the NYC skyline, I see how quickly the light and the landscape changes with the setting sun. Like my problems and concerns, I know they too are fleeting. Let’s all take a deep breath, still our minds, and listen to that inner voice to remind us that our heart and soul knows what’s best for us.

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4 Responses to Ego vs Heart – which will win?

  1. Echo says:

    The trick is not to fight the ego.. that too is part of us and part of the wholeness 🙂

  2. wordpruccino says:

    Exactly my concern..
    I cannot not do anything and stay still, the guinea pig wants to run forever!

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