Seeing – an exploration of interpretation

Grand Canyon heartI keep seeing the heart symbol everywhere. It’s been like this for months. I see it on the street in the form of a puddle, the shape of a leaf, or a wad of gum that’s been trampled on. This morning it appeared in a frozen puddle of water. I have even seen it in the clouds (see my 12-12-12 post). Virtually everywhere I look, I see an object in the shape of a heart.

In November I was in Sedona with a friend and we went to the Grand Canyon for a day trip. Up on the first ridge we went to, I exclaimed ‘Look! There’s a heart in the cliff wall right over there!’ She looked, and didn’t see anything. I explained to her exactly where it was and as she gazed at my instructions, she finally saw it – but it was a circle. To me, it was crystal clear, without a doubt heart shaped. It confounded me. I asked her at least three times to confirm that we were looking at the same place, and that she was sure she didn’t see a heart. Confirmation received each time.

My first conclusion: we all see things differently. We were looking at the same exact shape yet saw two very different forms. If we have various interpretations of what we see in a single object, what kind of interpretations are there in a spoken word?

My second conclusion: when you look for something, you see it everywhere. The issue here though, is that I haven’t been looking for it. It’s predicting where I’ll be, lurking in the pavement and in the ether. So, I have no choice but to see this as a sign. But a sign for what? Love is all around? To love more?  To find new love? Being in love?

After the mexican trip I just returned from, an answer to my second conclusion has arrived. It is actually two-fold: 1) to go from living in my head to living from my heart  2) that the universe thinks I need constant reminders to live this way.

So, you see, seeing can be exploration and an interpretation of where you are in life.

And finally, I have to ask. Do you see a heart or a circle in the photo (a little left from the center)?

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4 Responses to Seeing – an exploration of interpretation

  1. gotham girl says:

    Most definitely a HEART! Great post!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I see the heart!


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