Are we playful enough?

photo-6I received a message this morning that I should be more playful. It didn’t mean to have more fun (I’ve been incorporating a lot of fun into my life lately), but be playful.  As a responsible adult, I (we), usually either a) don’t think about it b) don’t have time for it c) think it’s silly.

As part of my Art of Intuitive Photography teachings, I tell my students we need to get back to our child selves, to explore our surroundings with wonder and have a little bit of fun. But do we really ever make a conscious decision to do something playful? I tried it today. As I left my apartment this afternoon to teach at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, huge snow flakes were falling ever so lightly. I decided to walk through Central Park rather than take a crosstown bus. The park was relatively empty, as one would suspect. The paths were lightly covered with snow, but not enough to do anything with it. I contemplated what to do, as it seemed like my only opportunity for playfulness would be there and then.

And, now you rightly ask if I did something. Well, not exactly. I didn’t go skipping in the snow for I was fearful my injured knee would give out and I would fall and damage the iPad I was carrying for class. I didn’t stand still and feel the snowflakes gently tap my face and bask in the wetness and lightness of it as I was already running a little late. I didn’t do anything really. Except: I smiled to those I passed, and that unspoken gesture which I sent and mutually received, spoke volumes. I know that doesn’t count as playful, but it certainly was nice  to share that moment of joy snow always brings about in others.

Lesson learned today? It’s not so easy to let go and be playful. And here I go adding another bullet for things to do and improve on in 2013.

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