Surrendering and trusting in Mexico = a humbling and magical experience

Chichen ItzaThis is my third day back from my trip in the Yucatan, and I’m still integrating all that I learned and experienced. For those who have not read my previous posts, let me give you some background information: I am a photographer, and was intuitively feeling that I should not bring my camera on my trip (I teach the Art of Intuitive Photography and generally try to live following my heart and intuition). The trip was part vacation, part spiritual growth as I joined a group to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar, the beginning of the new era, as well as to welcome in the winter solstice.

The first few days were extremely difficult. I was going through camera withdrawal. I was seeing images everywhere, and even though I knew I had to let go of ‘doing’ my brain/body was having a hard time comprehending what that meant. Slowly  I was able to comprehend what it felt like to be, to experience. Letting go and not having the weight of my camera on my neck/back/mind allowed me to feel much lighter but also free. Free to smell, touch, experience my immediate surroundings. To bask in the feeling of gratitude and humbleness (and let me tell you, there was a ton of that going on).

As my group members were busy taking photos during our free time in the pyramids, I found myself wandering and exploring. I found objects that were clearly gifts for me. I could watch the colorful birds fluttering by and heard their conversations. I sat and meditated. I connected to Mother Earth. I felt the universal energy flow in my body. It was all magical and beautiful and life changing.

The intent of this trip was meant for me to be, to connect to my inner self and my higher consciousness. I eventually succeeded. In the end, the images have all been captured and are residing in my mind and heart. But next time? My camera and I will go together.

PS – Of course I had to take some photos with my iPhone – I couldn’t go cold turkey!

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