I’ve been upgraded

20121221-175807.jpgI’ve been upgraded to version 12.21.12. The new version entails living and being in a higher frequency, and living from the heart. All signs so far indicate increased happiness and peace.

The upgrade was in progress for thousands of years, but was officially run at a ceremony this morning which started at 5:00am. We started off at 3:00am in the rain, and went to Mayapan, Mexico. We sat in a circle under the stars, and close to the pyramids. It was a beautiful ceremony, filled with releasing old patterns and fears, many tears, and deep deep gratitude.
During the meditation portion, my intuitive voice told me to pause and connect to the stars. The sky had cleared, and I gazed toward the heavens. As many of you know, I live in NYC, and star gazing is limited there. It only took a few minutes before I was gifted with a low and very bright shooting star.
May this new era be filled with light and love, and, of course, shooting stars for all.
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