Day 2: A Mexican adventure

20121218-203929.jpgMy first 2 days in Mexico are coming to a close. I spent today in Tulum, the only Mayan temple built on the coast. And what a beauty it is! “How are you surviving without your camera?” Or “have you had any surprises following your intuition?” you may ask.

Answer to question 1: I miss it. Yesterday was a challenge as I’m so used to traveling with it, that I felt lost without it. However today I felt free and light not having it with me. Until of course I came across images that I would have loved to capture. But it’s ok. Those images are in my mind, and thus little gifts for me. To me, the act of seeing and acknowledging the moment is what counts. I’m a giver and like to share images. However, this trip is about ME time, and so they are my trinkets. Sorry! Ok, ok, you got me. I did take some photos with my iPhone to share with you. I can’t turn my giving self off fully just yet…

Answer to question 2: No. Honestly, I’ve actually been struggling to connect with it. There have been a few surprises so far (slightly more disappointing ones than good ones) and I’ve been working more with accepting the circumstances rather than fighting them.

Thus far, this trip may be more about acceptance than being guided to circumstances and experiences via my intuition. Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting my spiritual group, and we shall see if that will change.

Buenos noches my friends!

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