12.12.12 – a magical intuitive day

12/12/12 12:12pm Central Park, NYC

12/12/12 12:12pm Central Park, NYC

When I awoke this morning I reminded myself that I was going to make today a day of really tuning into my intuition and let it guide me to where I needed to be and do what I needed to do. As today is the last time I will experience all the date numbers aligned, it’s definitely a day to tune in. The only thing I had scheduled was to go to my pottery class – the rest was open and to be foreseen. I’ve come to realize that living this way allows me to be free, and bring more joy into my life. If I feel like I want to take a walk in the park, I will (which I did). If  I want to nap, I’ll nap (which I did!).

A few very strong intuitive hits came: 1) to wear 2 pendants I bought on my trip to Sedona last month (I bought 4 in total), and to carry a Lemurian Light crystal in my front left pocket (to receive it’s energy). I can honestly tell you that when those three items came together on my body, I had a huge wave of energy course through my head. It felt like I floated to my pottery class. 2) to go to Central Park after the class to be in nature when 12:12pm came along. I left my class a few minutes early and walked to the park. I had never entered the park in that particular spot, and was open to allow myself to be led. I followed the path that spoke to me and found myself in what seemed to be a running track. It was a round circle with gravel. I had to laugh out loud as it reminded me of a labirynth I walked on in Sedona, and it just so happened that the one pendant I was wearing was the labirynth pendant. I love when that happens!The sky was slightly lit. At 12:12pm, with my iPhone in hand, I looked up and captured the majesty of the sky with the sun. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but if I look at this image, it looks like the sun is a heart radiating it’s love down to us. Or, it looks like an angel with it’s wings spread open. You can decide and tell me which one you intuitively feel.

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